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Types of CBD flower cultivation in Spain


The world of CBD has led to different ways of growing, each designed to make cannabidiol flowers as good as possible.

In this article we will talk about growing CBD flowers in Spain: we will discuss the different types of cultivation, from indoor options to outdoor techniques, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each. In general, we will give you the keys to know which type of cbd flower to buy online.

cultivation of CBD flowers in Spain

Indoor cultivation

One of the most popular CBD flower cultivation in Spain is indoor CBD flower cultivation. It takes place in an enclosed facility, where every aspect of the environment is adjusted to maximise the yield of the CBD plants. This method offers total control over key variables such as temperature, humidity and lighting, allowing a level of precision that is difficult to achieve outdoors.

indoor cultivation of CBD flowers

Temperature and humidity are critical to plant growth, and in indoor growing, these variables are precisely adjusted. Artificial lighting, often using LED technologies, provides an optimised light spectrum for photosynthesis, eliminating dependence on sunlight and allowing for customised light cycles.

In addition, one of the main advantages of this type of cultivation is that it allows for regular harvests, regardless of the seasons. This means that there is a constant flow of CBD flowers, but they are not affected by external weather conditions.

At Iguana Smoke we will soon have indoor flowers; we are perfecting our crops to achieve the best quality. Until then, you can take a look at our other types of flowers by clicking here.

Outdoor cultivation

One of the most popular CBD flower crops in Spain due to its quality-price ratio is outdoor cultivation. In this case, CBD flowers interact directly with the natural environment. When exposed to sunlight, the plants take advantage of the full spectrum of light, contributing to greater genetic diversity. This factor can influence the variability of cannabinoid and terpene profiles, resulting in CBD flowers with unique characteristics.

outdoor cultivation of CBD flowers

This method follows the rhythm of the seasons. Plants adjust to the solar cycle and seasonal changes, which gradually affects their development. This natural timing can affect the plants' chemical compounds, making CBD flowers unique.

One of the main advantages of this type of cultivation is that it tends to be more sustainable and economical. By relying mainly on natural resources, such as sunlight and natural soil, operating costs are lower. Sunlight, rather than artificial light sources, reduces energy costs, and natural soil provides essential nutrients. Thus, buying outdoor CBD flower can be a good option for those who want quality CBD flowers at the best price.

Some of the most popular outdoor flowers among our customers with the Gorilla flower and, above all, the Amnesia flower.

Greenhouse cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation combines the best of indoor and outdoor growing. These spaces offer a semi-controlled environment using sunlight, but with some environmental control. The aim is to maximise CBD flower production by making the best of both methods.

greenhouse cultivation of CBD flowers

Greenhouses allow a degree of control over key environmental variables. Although dependent on sunlight, ventilation and heating systems offer the ability to adjust temperature and humidity, providing a balance between the precision of indoor cultivation and the natural influence of outdoor cultivation.

One of the main advantages of this type of cultivation is that the transparent structure of the greenhouses allows sunlight to penetrate, offering advantages over indoor cultivation in terms of energy efficiency. Growers can maximise natural light during the day and supplement it with artificial lighting when necessary.

We could say that, similar to outdoor cultivation, greenhouse cultivation follows the cycle of the seasons. However, the semi-controlled structure provides flexibility to adjust to unexpected climatic changes, minimising risks associated with extreme weather events.

Buying CBD online that belongs to this type of cultivation is easy. For example, in our shop you can buy CBD flowers online from outdoor growers, such as our Shelby or our famous Gelato.

Advantages and disadvantages of crops

Indoor Cultivation

  • Advantages: Total control, consistent harvests.
  • Disadvantages: Higher operating costs.

Outdoor cultivation

  • Advantages: Low costs, natural influence.
  • Disadvantages: Dependence on climatic conditions.

Greenhouse cultivation

  • Advantages: Moderate control, natural influence.
  • Disadvantages: Initial investment.

Ultimately, the choice of CBD flower cultivation method depends on the grower's goals, available resources and production philosophy. Each approach contributes to the diversity of the CBD industry, providing options to meet the needs of different consumers. Whether navigating technical precision, natural authenticity or the balance in between, growers are exploring the nuances of CBD farming to deliver products that reflect the richness of the cannabis plant and its potential health benefits.

Buying CBD online has never been easier than with our information on types of CBD flower crops. If you want to visit our CBD flower catalogue, click here.

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