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What is H4CBD


You may have come across mentions of H4CBD on the internet, a hydrogenated cannabinoid that is sometimes described as being hundreds of times more potent than CBD. And it is this information that has started to attract so much attention and cause a bit of a stir. In this article, we take a closer look at this new cannabinoid. Wondering what H4CBD is, what effects it has and how it compares to CBD? Find the answers in the article.

H4CBD is a cannabinoid that was developed synthetically modifying CBD . This cannabinoid is a hexahydroderivative of CBD, which means that four hydrogen atoms have been added to the CBD molecule. How is it produces the H4CBD ? In a nutshell, we can compare the production process with the way margarine is made from vegetable oil.

H4CBD or THD is a CBD derivative that is produced in a laboratory or semi-synthetically. Also known as hydrogenated CBD, this cannabinoid was created as an alternative form to conventional CBD. Scientists have been researching and developing synthetic and semi-synthetic cannabinoids since the mid-20th century.

What is H4CBD

How does the H4CBD work?

H4CBD is still "in its infancy", i.e. it remains a relatively unexplored cannabinoid, but the limited information suggests that it has an affinity for CB1 neuroreceptors.

H4CBD is actually a modified version of CBD but with the difference that it affects the mind. The effects are similar to those of HHC, but H4CBD does not contain a double bond. H4CBD is composed of two diastereomers, R and S, and the R diastereomer has noticeably stronger effects than the S diastereomer.

Users of H4CBD have described their experience comparing the effects with CBD, but have reported that they have also experienced psychoactive effects.

Is H4CBD the same as CBD?

The answer is: "No, it is not". While the two cannabinoids share some properties, they are different molecules . For example, they have completely different effects and the fundamental differences lie in their chemical structures and production methods.

What is the comparison between H4CBD and HHC?

H4CBD and HHC are different substances, although their origin is similar. HHC is the hydrogenated version of THC, while H4CBD is the hydrogenated version of CBD. Each is based on different basic molecules. This difference also results in different effects on the body.

Is H4CBD the same as hydrogenated CBD?

H4CBD is one form of hydrogenated CBD, but it is not the only type. Another option is H2CBD, which contains only two added hydrogen atoms instead of four. In fact, a variety of different hydrogenated forms of CBD have been produced, and all have unique chemical structures and effects.


Effects of H4CBD

If we look at a single study 2006, we found that the study says that hydrogenated forms of CBD have an extremely high affinity for CB1 neuroreceptors in the brain. It is this finding that has expanded speculation that H4CBD may have effects up to a hundred times greater than CBD, at least in some respects.

A review of researchThe 2017 report confirmed this assumption, but no new studies have been conducted on the bioactive properties of H4CBD.


H4CBD could provide users with something in the range of three times the potency of CBD. H4CBD is reported to offer 100 times the potency of regular CBD. However, we have already learned that even if this were the case, it only applies to the potency of CBD at CB1 receptors. And this efficacy was initially negligible for CBD.

H4CBD at CB1 receptors requires further research to draw conclusions regarding possible increased activity.

So to tell the world that the H4CBD is "100 times more potent" than CBD in all areas is a rather exaggerated statement.

Will H4CBD compete with CBD in the market? That is quite an interesting question, but probably not enough to completely displace CBD from the market. CBD is very popular and widely used, so it will continue to dominate the market as one of the main options. However, if H4CBD really abounds with specific benefits over CBD, it may gain its reputation in the market and find customers looking for the specific qualities that H4CBD offers.

Ultimately, it will be up to consumers to decide what choices to make and for manufacturers to offer products.

H4CBD can be seen as a finely tuned alternative with more power while CBD offers a natural variant with lower potency . As modern cannabinoid medicine continues to evolve, both CBD and H4CBD will undoubtedly play a key role.

What types of H4CBD products are there?

At this time, we are not aware of any consumer-grade H4CBD products available online. You can buy high purity H4CBD extracts, but only in bulk. While samples of H4CBD extracts are generally inexpensive, it is difficult to say whether they are suitable for human consumption.

Is H4CBD synthetic?

Yes, H4CBD is technically synthetic, if only in the sense that margarine is synthetic. Hydrogenation may be a relatively simple procedure, but it undeniably changes the chemical structure of the compounds concerned, making them synthetic.


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